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Your Time: Is the No Reply Email the Height of Discourtesy Today?

Have you ever opened an email from a company you know and do business with (or worse yet, a company you don’t even know) to find the content intriguing enough to  type out and send some

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Check Yourself Before You WRECK Yourself

  Our home environment is a direct expression of how on point we are (or are not) in living a fulfilled life.  Our home is the pond we live in and the self-honesty in which we choose our

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Can We Get REAL about Real Estate?

Washington State Update - Advertising Revenue Drives 95% OF SOURCES OF REAL ESTATE ADVICE in newspapers, on television news and social media news channels.  That includes so-called industry

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How Home Warranties Work

At the time of sale of a home, a home warranty option is available for the buyer.  This can be purchased by the buyer or another party to the transaction for the buyer's benefit during the

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