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Serving my clients with diligence and integrity throughout our relationship is the cornerstone of my business and always will be. The relationships with extraordinary people in ordinary circumstances is the reason I do this, exceeding your expectations is the value I offer.

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Your Time: Is the No Reply Email the Height of Discourtesy Today?

Have you ever opened an email from a company you know and do business with (or worse yet, a company you don’t even know) to find the content intriguing enough to  type out and send some

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Check Yourself Before You WRECK Yourself

  Our home environment is a direct expression of how on point we are (or are not) in living a fulfilled life.  Our home is the pond we live in and the self-honesty in which we choose our

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Can We Get REAL about Real Estate?

Washington State Update - Advertising Revenue Drives 95% OF SOURCES OF REAL ESTATE ADVICE in newspapers, on television news and social media news channels.  That includes so-called industry

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How Home Warranties Work

At the time of sale of a home, a home warranty option is available for the buyer.  This can be purchased by the buyer or another party to the transaction for the buyer's benefit during the

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