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About Meg O Harrison

Serving my clients with diligence and integrity throughout our relationship is the cornerstone of my business and always will be. The relationships with extraordinary people under seemingly  ordinary circumstances is the reason I made this my career.  I simply love helping people!


Experience: Current and Past

·         22 years with stellar record of Real Estate Sales, Leasing, Consulting and Investing

·         Loan Officer

·         Real Estate Appraiser

·         American Land and Title Association Inspector

·         Title Company Territory Manager

·         VP New Construction


·         Life Christian University

·         Continuing Education Real Estate Specific Courses/Certifications

·         Continuing Education Communication Courses/Certifications

·         Continuing Education Copywriting and Marketing


Professional Associations

·         Northwest Multiple Listing Services


Personal Philosophy

As a 22-year professional in the real estate industry it has been my honor to serve my state, friends and family to the utmost of my ability with dedication and integrity through the best of times and through trying times.  I cherish loyalty and perseverance in any situation and know how important it is for people to have confidence that those they work with will embody these valuable traits.

Hard work is the backbone of every enterprise that knows the heights of success and delivers premium and predictable results for the client who values sound guidance. A belief in hard work means that there is always a solution for every situation

I believe in continuing education and evolving to meet the needs of my people in a constantly changing environment and economy.

I believe that staying true to my core beliefs regardless of trends or the momentary cultural atmosphere equips me to give sound counsel using true facts while staying responsive and sensitive to all people

While I may not yet be able to change the world for the better in a grand way, I can change the quality of life for the individuals and groups with whom I interact.  I can give them the best of my talents, energy, experience and self.  Making the world a better and more certain place to call home one person, one day, one interaction, one goal and one dream realized at a time.  This is something I can do right here, right now.

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